The individual parts of an issue that can be selected for returning information by the IssueDetailsGet(Int32, IssueDetailsOptions) method.

Namespace: RMTrackApiClient
Assembly: RMTrackApiClient (in RMTrackApiClient.dll) Version:


public enum IssueDetailsOptions
Visual Basic
<FlagsAttribute> _
Public Enumeration IssueDetailsOptions


Member nameValueDescription
Default0 The default is to return Fields, Comments, Attachments, RelatedIssues, RelatedItems, Subscribers and Histories
All32767 Returns all parts of an issue.
Fields1 Returns the issue fields (except for comments).
Comments2 Returns the comment fields.
Attachments4 Returns the list of attachments (without the actual attachment data).
AttachmentData8 Returns the attachment data as part of the list of attachments. This could be a very large amount of data.
RelatedIssues16 Returns the list of related issues.
RelatedItems32 Returns the list of related items.
Subscribers64 Returns the list of subscribers (users who get notified when an issue is updated).
Histories128 Returns the list of audit trail history for an issue (except for the actual change details).
HistoryChangeDetails255 Includes the change details with the audit trail history list (could be a large amount of data).


This enumeration is global in order to be visible/availabel to COM clients.

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